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May be right now your company is considering about ISO 9001 certification. What are ISO 9001 requirements? What are ISO 9001 certification benefits? How is ISO 9001 certification process? How much ISO 9001 cost? Who will be the ISO 9001 certification body? In this article we will give you information about ISO 9001 certification.


Some of company decide to get ISO 9001 certificate because some requirements from their customer. However, the main issues of the company to obtain ISO certification are usually around the cost and time. There is indeed some money you need to spend to call a particular ISO 9001 certification body to audit the quality management system in your company and also publishes an ISO 9001 certificate to your company. There is also the cost for inviting consultants to help you learn and apply the quality management system at your company. As the entrepreneur you need to calculate the benefit of ISO 9001 certification.


 Here are some ISO 9001:2015 certification benefits:

  1. For the purposes of the tender, the ISO 9001:2015 certificate  is added value
  2. For the purposes of some  tender, the ISO 9001:2015 certificate is obligatory
  3. Meet customer requirement
  4. You are more able to understand the risks in your business and take action prevention
  5. Work procedures that are more clearly
  6. The documentation is more presentable
  7. Enhance your company's image


ISO 9001 certification consultant PT Bintang Solusi Utama  has been trusted by a wide variety of organizations such as PHEWMO, Bluescope, Bebek Kaleyo, and also Pusat KKIP of Kementrian Pertanian to help them implement QMS ISO 9001 and obtain ISO 9001 certificate. Contact us for further information.

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